The mission of the Arts Council is to promote, present, and support artists, arts organizations, and arts activities in order to further the development of the arts community and to benefit the public by expanding awareness, access, and participation.

The mission of the Salt Lake City Arts Council is to promote, present, and support Utah-based artists, arts organizations, and arts activities in order to further the development of the arts community and to benefit the public by expanding awareness, access, and participation. Located in Reservoir Park, at 54 Finch Lane, Salt Lake City, UT 84102, the Salt Lake City Arts Council’s Finch Lane Gallery is a contemporary art gallery which offers visual arts exhibits and interdisciplinary short-term projects year-round. The annual offerings of the Finch Lane Gallery include:

  • Seven sessions of art exhibitions in the two galleries, lasting six weeks, with artist receptions.
  • Three sessions of Flash Projects, which are short-term, interdisciplinary, community-oriented, and/or experimental projects meant to re-imagine the use of the Finch Lane Gallery. Examples of Flash Projects include performances (dance, music, etc.); interdisciplinary arts festivals; sound/audio works; fashion shows; literary events; workshops; experimental film screenings; multi-disciplinary panel discussions; short-term immersive art installations; research presentations; or other arts & culture related projects. Flash Projects are separate to art exhibitions at the Finch Lane Gallery. Applications for Flash Projects are released in the fall of each year.

For more information on the Salt Lake City Arts Council and the programs of the Finch Lane Gallery, visit

Both established and emerging artists are invited to apply for exhibits at the Finch Lane Gallery. The exhibition program is designed to: give Utah-based artists an opportunity to exhibit a current body of work, explore exhibition themes or media relevant to the community and field of arts at large, and foster the development of curatorial skills through exhibition production and collaboration. The application process occurs annually and includes a thorough and competitive review by the Visual Arts Committee of the Salt Lake City Arts Council.

This application process is to select artists for the 2025 exhibition schedule, which will run January 13 through December 27, 2025. Exhibitions at the Finch Lane Gallery are scheduled for six weeks in duration in two exhibitions spaces (West Gallery and East Gallery). Artists accepted for exhibition of new work should be aware that their show may be scheduled to open as early as January 2025 or as late as November 2025.

On Thursday, April 4, 2024, at 3PM, there will be a review of the guidelines and tips on completing the application, and time for questions and answers. This will be recorded and available for viewing afterward. The session will be held over Zoom.

Meeting ID: 879 5763 2101

Passcode: finch2025

This Call for Entries is open to all artists, artist-led teams, and/or curators residing in Utah regardless of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, marital status, political opinion or affiliation, or mental or physical disability. All visual arts media including new genres are considered.

Proposals must be submitted through

There is no fee to apply. To be considered for an exhibition, applicants must be residents of Utah and submit all the required materials. Emailed, mailed, or hand-delivered materials will not be accepted. Only completed applications will be considered. The Arts Council will not notify artists regarding disqualifications where guidelines are not followed.

Applications must be submitted by Sunday, April 28, 2024, 11:59pm.
Notifications on application status will be sent the week of June 10, 2024.

January 13 - February 21, 2025
April 18 - May 30, 2025
June 16 - July 25, 2025
August 9 - September 12, 2025
September 19 - October 31, 2025
November 17 - December 27, 2025

East Gallery:

  • Approximately 918 square feet
  • Walls 100” high
  • Multiple pedestals of varying sizes available for 3D work

West Gallery:

  • Approximately 550 square feet
  • Walls 100” high
  • Multiple pedestals of varying sizes available for 3D work

The Finch Lane Gallery can provide exhibiting artists with gallery space and basic digital media technology (projector, media players, TV monitors), and visibility on Salt Lake City Arts Council social media platforms.

Each artist will receive an honorarium of $250 for the exhibition of their work. In the case of a group show, the honorarium will go to the exhibition curator or organizer; applicants are responsible for all other associated costs and materials.

The Arts Council will manage any sales of the artwork during the exhibition at the Finch Lane Gallery and will retain a 30% commission for any artwork sold. Artwork that is sold may not be removed until the exhibition closes. Work does not have to be for sale. Proceeds from any sales will be reinvested into the Visual Arts Program.

Applications are reviewed by the Salt Lake City Arts Council’s Visual Arts Committee, which is comprised of Arts Council staff and board members, artists who have exhibited work at the Finch Lane Gallery, and other artists from the community. The Salt Lake City Arts Council strives to make the application and selection process fair and equitable and incorporates equity practices into the selection of the Visual Arts Committee members and the review process of applications.

The Committee will review the following:

  • Artist demonstrates strong technical, conceptual, and/or aesthetic skills in the execution of their work;
  • Artist has a meaningful relationship to the content and/or community involved in the work, and themes addressed in the exhibition feel relevant and deeply considered;
  • Artist proposes new works that have not been exhibited elsewhere, or have not been exhibited in Utah within the past year;
  • Artist’s ability to produce the proposed exhibition within the given timeline;
  • Diversity of expression and balance of media for the exhibition calendar year;
  • Completeness and clarity of the application.

The Committee and Arts Council staff reserve the right to make final decisions on which works are appropriate for a gallery within a publicly funded space.

Notifications on application status will be sent the week of June 10, 2024.


  1. Artist Bio (50-200 words) If applying as a group or a curatorial project, include the bio of the lead artist or curator.
  2. Exhibition Proposal (150-500 words) This may include your artist statement, general concept for the show, your relationship to the concept, techniques used, the medium and scale in which you work, evolution of your work, and/or inspiration behind your show.
  3. List of all artists proposed (if group exhibition or curatorial project)
  4. Current Resume/CV not to exceed two pages. If applying as a group, include Resume/CV for lead artist or curator and short bios for all other artists. Resume/CV should be of pertinent art-related information.
  5. Work Samples representative samples of proposed work for the exhibition, or images of recent work that demonstrate artist’s practice. Each file must include artist’s name, title of work (if applicable), medium, date produced, dimensions, total run time (if a video) and indicate if work has been exhibited in other Salt Lake City venues in the past year. This information is requested in the form upon image upload, and does not need to be listed on the actual images.

    Digital images
  • Include 5-10 images. If more than 2 artists, include 2-3 images per artist.
  • Images must be jpg files.
  • Image dimensions of at least 1,000 pixels or larger in either height or width is preferred.

    Video samples
  • Include no more than 3 samples.
  • Video samples should be a maximum of 2 minutes and must be MP4 or MOV format.
  • Note that the maximum file upload size is 400mb, and the maximum total application submission size is 800mb.

If you do not have access to computers or WIFI to apply, the Salt Lake City Public Library Branches offer free computer and WIFI access. If you require further resources to complete the application materials or have other questions, email Todd Oberndorfer at

We do our best to respond to inquiries in a timely manner, however we may not be able to respond to your inquiries during the final days prior to the application due date. Please give yourself ample time to complete the application.

The Salt Lake City Arts Council will be responsible for the final selection of artwork, exhibition installation, insurance, printing and mailing of announcements, opening reception, gallery strolls, press releases, and management of sales.

Artists will be responsible for providing biographical materials, an artist statement, and several color images of different works that will be featured in the exhibition for marketing purposes. Artists should be prepared to submit these items several weeks prior to their exhibition opening date. An artwork consignment sheet will be delivered by the artist to the gallery up to three weeks before the exhibition. All artwork must be delivered a week before the exhibition opening date, and be labeled and ready to install upon delivery. Two-dimensional work will potentially utilize the gallery hanging system and, in some cases, artists will be required to participate in the installation of their works for methods of installation or materials that require additional assistance. In the case of digital media, artists may be required to provide equipment for the exhibition of their work. Works selected for exhibitions may not be withdrawn for any reason during the run of the exhibition and must be picked up immediately following the exhibition’s closing date. Artists are encouraged to attend the opening reception and gallery strolls and are invited to give a brief artist talk about their work at the opening reception.

Please contact Todd Oberndorfer, Visual Arts Coordinator and Finch Lane Gallery Director, if you have any questions about submitting your proposal.

Todd Oberndorfer

Salt Lake City Arts Council